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Hi, this is my home page. Feel free to visit some (or all) of the links below. And, of course, you are welcome!

Seriously, thank you for coming. If you want to be notified about updates on my pages, then please subscribe to my microblog. I will post there announcements about significant changes here.

К сожалению, пока что нет странички на русском. Но это есть в моих планах. Если Вы не знаете английского, то можете, по крайней мере, взглянуть на русскоязычную выборку из моего микроблога.

Інформації українською також, на жаль, немає. Якщо маєте бажання, відвідайте українську та/або російську частини мого мікроблогу.

If you are looking for my resume, then here it is.
This is my microblog at identi.ca. The microblog is probably the most frequently updated place (of all publicly available places of Internet where you could find some information from me). Be warned, my microblog is not dedicated or limited to some topic(s). You'll find there anything that I considered useful and/or interesting at some moment in time. Additionally, there are also replies to other identica/StatusNet people's microblog messages; some of such replies can constitute an exception to the mentioned "useful/interesting" rule, although usually I try to make as few exceptions as possible. (Why identi.ca and not Twitter? Because I like federated social web approach much more than vendor lock-in technologies and services.)
Strictly speaking, this is not to be considered a part of my microblog (mentioned above). Here are microblog messages of other people, instead. Those are messages I either like or consider useful. I believe this to be good addition to my microblog if you would like to know what my interests are.
mivael@jabber.org (Jabber/XMPP) xmpp.org
You can reach me by this address. If you don't know what XMPP or Jabber is, please check if your instant messaging service provider supports XMPP. Chances are high that it does.
mivael.mywishlist.ru (rus) My Wishlist
My wish list (in Russian). For my friends, relatives and other people who happen to want to present me a gift, and who, at the same time, need hints/ideas on that matter.
my google profile
I don't think you could learn much more about me at my Google profile page. But if you want to try, you have the link now. One more thing to mention is about the Buzz subpage. Note that my Buzz almost completely consists of my identi.ca timelines: my own microblog messages go to the Buzz page automatically (some of them I manually remove from Buzz when I'm in a mood to waste my time for that), the favorite microblog messages go to my Google Reader page and from there some of them eventually go to the Buzz page (this is manual process, and usually I use my time doing more important things). Rule of thumb: if you want to look into my Buzz page, then it's better to change your mind and look into the original place: my identi.ca pages; if you want to get updates of my Buzz, then, again, better follow me at identi.ca or/and use identica's RSS/Atom feeds to follow.
you won't find me on Facebook Not f'd . you won't find me on Facebook
You read it right. I never signed up to Facebook and I believe I never will. It's not like I didn't take part in social networks. Actually, I have an account on one popular Russian social network site, and I'm going to leave it as soon as I have my friends' contact information migrated to some other form. And by "other form" I don't mean a "friend" link on another site of that sort. I don't like situation when my friend (who wants to see my profile, or to communicate with me) needs to have an account on the same site as I have. The same way, I don't like if I need to register somewhere to reach my friend. Still not convinced? Look, I don't have contract with every mobile network operator in Ukraine, I still can communicate with people outside my operator's network. Similar is true about e-mail service, we don't necessarily need to have Google account to reach our.friend@gmail.com. Why this shouldn't be the same with social networks?

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